Auli Viidalepp

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(forthcoming) Artificial intelligence as a filter and as a philter. Lexia. Rivista di Semiotica.

Arkhipova, Daria; Viidalepp, Auli (2023). Lotman’s semiotics of culture in the age of AI: analyzing the cultural dynamics of AI-generated video art in the semiosphere. Semiotica, 1−12. DOI: 10.1515/sem-2023-0167.

(2022) The semiotic functioning of synthetic media. Információs Társadalom, 22(4), 109-118. doi:10.22503/inftars.XXII.2022.4.9

(2022) Sociocommunicative functions of a generative text: the case of GPT-3. Lexia. Rivista di Semiotica 39-40, 177-192.

(2020) Representations of robots in science fiction film narratives as signifiers of human identity. Információs Társadalom, 20(4), 19-36. doi:10.22503/inftars.XX.2020.4.2


(2023) The Expected AI as a Sociocultural Construct and its Impact on the Discourse on Technology. PhD Thesis, University of Tartu. (Full thesis file including articles available in Researchgate)

(2019) Self-description and phatic function in organisation culture: The case of Ouishare. Master’s Thesis, University of Tartu.