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22 May 2024. The Politics of Θαῦμα Ἰδέσθαι from Ancient Greece to Contemporary Technologies. Presented at the European Academy of Religion (EuARe 2024), 20–23 May 2024, Palermo, Italy. doi:10.5281/zenodo.11280246.


30 November 2023. AI as a global network, production and value chain: Toward an ethical ontology of technology. Budapest Workshop on the Philosophy of Technology (BUDPT23).

7–11 August 2023. International Summer University course on technology and society, University of Tartu, Estonia.

10.03.2023. Technology, Society and Artificial Intelligence. Online talk, WG 6 of the Lithme COST Action: Language in the Human Machine Era (LITHME).

23.02.2023. Automation Bias and the Anthropomorphic Connotations of Artificial Intelligence. Online talk, On Filters and Philters. FACETS Advanced Seminar in Philosophy of Communication 2022/2023, Università di Torino. Watch recording on FACETS-ERC channel »


12.12.2022. GPT-3: the reception and sociocultural functioning of large language generation models. Guest lecture, University of Wrocław.

12.12.2022. The semiotic functioning of synthetic media. Guest lecture, University of Wrocław.

3.11.2022. Narratives of artificial intelligence. Guest lecture in the course of general semiotics, Palacký University Olomouc.

20.10.2022. Automation bias and the anthropomorphism of technology. Autumn School of Digital Humanities, Palacký University Olomouc.

11.10.2022. Automation bias and anthropomorphism of technology: implications for the military. 14th Annual Conference of the International Society of Military Sciences, Lisbon. Book of abstracts

1.7.2022. Machine Semiosis and the Quasi-signs (with T. J. Bennett). Gatherings in Biosemiotics, Olomouc, Czechia.

18.6.2022. Intelligent technologies as human’s Other: the myth of machine semiosis. 4th International Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication, Cyprus University of Technology.

8.6.2022. The public reception of AI-generated content: GPT-3 and anthropomorphism. Code Biology, Olomouc, Czechia.

12.05.2022. Anthropomorphism and technology. Workshop “Digital Humanities pro buducnost”, Palacký University Olomouc.


9.12.2021. Deepfakes and generative texts as the problem of recognising the reference. Budapest Workshop on the Philosophy of Technology (BUDPT21).

11.11.2021. Technology as magic: historical automata as magical objects. Autumn School “Dialogues with Magic”, Saka, Estonia.

20.10.2021. Anthropomorphism of intelligent technologies: the case of GPT-3. EU COST project LITHME Whole Action Conference, online.

11.-14.10.2021. What happens in a language transformer? A semiotic perspective on the reception of GPT-3 op-ed in The Guardian. 13th Annual Conference of the International Society of Military Sciences, Ontario/online. Book of abstracts

6.9.2021. Science, Fiction, or Folklore: Reconsidering Contemporary Techno-Narratives from the Perspective of Traditional Storytelling Context and Functions. - 18th Congress of the International Society for Folk Narrative Research, Zagreb/online. Book of abstracts

31.7.-2.8.2021. Small research group seminar on anthropomorphism in cultural and scientific metalanguages. Wagenküll, Estonia.

31.05.2021. Tehisintellekt kui (tühi) tähistaja: autonoomse tehnoloogia tõlgendustest ühiskonnas [Artificial intelligence as a(n) (empty) signifier: on the interpretations of autonomous technology in society]. Research seminar, Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu.


22.1.2020. Reflections of human identity in the descriptions of artificial creatures in science fiction films. — Groningen Winter School “Stories to Live By: Narrative and Identity”, Groningen, Netherlands.


12.12.2019. A ‘work of art’: depicting artificial creatures in science fiction narratives. — Budapest Workshop on Philosophy of Technology, Budapest, Hungary.

22.11.2019. Digital sublime: what cyborg science fiction can show us about human-nature relationships. - Autumn school “Dialogues with the environment”, Pühajärve, Estonia.

12.10.2019. Imagining Anthropomorphic Robots in Canadian Sci-Fi Narratives. — The 9th International Tartu Conference on Canadian Studies “Visions of the Future”, Tartu, Estonia.