Auli Viidalepp

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a semiotic perspective on the use of ai in the context of information warfare

AI-based content generation tools are changing contemporary media landscape, enabling the creation and distribution of fake content on an unprecedented scale. Considered as part of the general information warfare, this potential is often perceived as a major threat to society and democracy. The project aims to develop an analytical framework based on cultural semiotics to investigate the impact and functioning of generated media in society, applying it to specific case studies. The importance of the topic is underlined by the Estonia 2035 Action Plan, which highlights the need for a systematic assessment of cyber risks, the prevention of hybrid threats and misinformation, the security of the information environment and the development of general digital competences, as well as the importance of sharing Estonia’s cyber-related know-how.

The post-doctoral research project PUTJD1202 (01.02.2024–31.01.2026) is funded by Estonian Research Council.

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